Finn by Mark Staggs

Meet Finn! He's a beautiful color headed tri boy who is slightly oversized. Finn is 3 to 4 years old. He came from a hoarding situation and needs quiet home that will work on continuing his socialization. He doesn't know what toys are or treats, but he is learning. Finn wants to be loved and likes to be near people. He will follow you around just to be near you - although he won't come up to you directly to be petted. Finn is a sweet boy!


Logan by Mark Staggs

Meet Logan. He is one of 3 we got from the 50 Shelties Atlanta Humane Society. He is 6 to 7 years old, oversized at about 17.5 inches and thin at 28 pounds. Unfortunately he is heart worm positive. He has had blood work and chest x-rays and has started on Doxycycline. He will be in rescue for several months being treated for the heart worms. He is a little timid but very sweet! Stayed tuned for updates.


Macy by Mark Staggs

Update 12/26/2016: Macy has been adopted! Congrats Macy on your forever home!


Macy is a beautiful female merle. She is around 6-7 years old and very sweet. She was living outside without much human friendship. After she came into rescue, we quickly discovered something was very wrong. Macy was taken to the vet where they discovered she had a HUGE bladder stone (the size of a lime!) - surgery was done immediately to remove the stone, and she was stable enough to spay and have her teeth cleaned. Her vet bill climbed to over $850 with the surgeries, x-rays, bladder stone analysis, medications, etc. Macy is doing very well! Since she had previously lived outside all her life, she is being house trained and has rarely had accidents in the house. 

Macy loves being indoors and wants to be close by you when you are home. She is crate trained and working on leash training. We are beginning the process of looking for her forever home. The ideal home would be where she won't have to be home alone for 8-10 hours at a time since her bladder is still healing. 

Macy is currently being fostered in the Nashville, TN area. She gets along well with her foster sisters; in her prior foster home, she didn't like one of the female dogs but was fine with the males. She loves to sleep on the doggy beds and to be petted. 

Macy is slightly oversized and weighs around 30 pounds. She is fully vetted, on heart worm and flea/tick prevention and looking for a family who wants a loving, sweet girl. 

Inquire about Macy by contacting us at 


Abby by Mark Staggs


Abby was adopted September 5, 2016.

Meet Abby, an approximately four-year-old tri-color Sheltie we just received this week.  Her owner passed away about a month ago, and she spent much of that time free to roam the neighborhood.  A dog groomer in the area bathed and groomed Abby, and a friend of the deceased owner got her to us.

Abby is a sweet, well-mannered dog who seems to get along with dogs and people alike.  She does well on a leash, is house trained, and occasionally likes to run and play.  The vet found whip and hook worms (not too surprising after living outside for a month), and she was fortunately heart worm negative.  Although it's hard to tell due to her currently cropped hair, she will grow a full, Sheltie-like coat.  Abby is also a rather large Sheltie at 36.5 lbs.

She's currently being fostered in the middle Tennessee area.

Ian by Mark Staggs

Ian has been adopted and is very happy in his new home!


Meet Ian! He was a stray at a north Mississippi shelter and was not reclaimed. He was in pretty rough shape - severely underweight (only weighed 12.9 lbs), matted, and had TONS of flea dirt on him and quite a few live fleas. After a much needed brushing and bathing (and a NexGard), he feels much better. We were very happy he tested heartworm and fecal negative! He is eating well and gaining some much needed weight. He is scheduled to get neutered, microchipped, and have a dental cleaning on Thursday. He is about 5 to 6 years old, VERY sweet, and LOVES all attention and petting! Good with other dogs and is housetrained. He currently is being fostered in the Hernando, MS area. For more information contact us at

Izzy by Mark Staggs

Izzy has an adoption pending as of September 15, 2016!

Are you an active walker or runner who loves to take your dog with you?  Do you also like having a cuddly lap-dog that is content to hang out at home? Well, Izzy combines the best of both worlds!  She is an energetic 8-year-old who loves to run and jump, but who also enjoys lying quietly in her person's lap and giving affectionate kisses. She seems to like men and women equally, gets along with other dogs of all sizes, and has even embraced the cats in her foster home.  Izzy is a smaller girl weighing about 18 or 19 pounds. Her former owner had her hair cut (note: we advise NEVER shaving or cutting Sheltie’s coats), but she will be growing that back out soon. She is getting spayed, microchipped, and having a dental cleaning on Thursday, so she is almost ready to go to her forever home where she can be both a couch potato and an exercise partner! She is being fostered in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. If interested, contact us at  

Donovan by Mark Staggs

Donovan has an adoption pending as of September 15, 2016!

Donovan came into rescue last September. He was heartworm positive and very shy when we got him. He has been successfully treated for heartworms, is on monthly preventative, and had a negative heartworm follow up test! Donovan is 8 years old, neutered, UTD on vaccinations, is averaged sized, and recently had a dental cleaning. He gets along fine with other dogs and would do well with another dog in the family that is not shy so that he/she can be a good role model to Donovan. He loves to play with his Sheltie foster sister Zoe. Although he is still shy, he has made good progress in his foster home. He is choosing to hang out with his foster mom and dad more and more and even shows interest in toys now! He is ready to find his forever home with a family that understands he will still be a 'work in progress' for a while to come. This handsome boy needs a patient and quiet home; he has not been around children. He will be a great addition to a lucky family. Only homes with a securely fenced yard will be considered. Due to his shyness, we will not place him in a long distance home. He is being fostered in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. For more information, contact us at

Kelsea by Mark Staggs

Kelsea is an 8 year old shaded sable female. She was consigned to a commercial breeding kennel dog auction, and a supporter of ours donated the funds so she could be purchased and get into rescue. She can now spend her life as a well loved inside pet! She weighs 23 pounds, but as a shorter Sheltie, she is at least 5 or 6 pounds overweight. Therefore, she is on a diet and exercise plan! We want to get her under 20 pounds before putting her under anesthesia for her spay and dental cleaning. She walks great on a leash, is crate and housetrained, and is very sweet. We don't know what happened to her in the past, but she is extremely scared of being picked up. We are working with her to get those fears gone, gone, gone! She currently is on hold and not available yet for adoption.