Faith - not ready for adoption by Mark Staggs

Faith – a 2 year old small sable female that came from a commercial breeding facility. She is still very shy but making slow progress. While she is shy, she will sometimes take treats from your hand if they are super yummy. Faith is small, less than 15 pounds! She gets along well with other dogs and has recently tried to play with her foster dogs and toys. She will continue to work on socialization with her foster family. If you have experience with shy dogs, please consider inquiring about Faith. Adopting a shy dog and watching them blossom is such a rewarding experience!

Molly - available for adoption! by Mark Staggs

Molly – 1 year old sable female from backyard breeder; she wasn’t socialized properly. Molly would do well in a home that will take her to obedience training and boundaries to help her acclimate to a normal environment. If you are looking for a sweet, energetic girl, please consider Molly! She will require structure, training and a securely fenced yard.

Halley - on medical hold by Mark Staggs

Halley – 4 year old blue merle female that came into rescue when her owner died. Halley tested light heartworm positive; we are hoping with Doxycycline and time, we won’t have to treat her with Immiticide. She is a pretty girl and gets along well with other dogs. Do you have a place in your heart for this sweet girl?

Zac - available for adoption by Mark Staggs

Zac -  10 year old sable male that came from the same breeder as Halley. His coat was awful when he came into rescue! Zac is having blood work as he may have some kidney issues. He is a sweet boy who deserves a loving home to live out his senior years. Won’t you consider giving this cutie a place he can call home??!!