Indy - adopted!!! / by Mark Staggs

Indy - we got this older boy the day before the 4th of July (hence the name Indy for Independence day). He was picked up as a stray by a north Mississippi shelter and spent his 5 day shelter hold time with no one coming to get him. We were told he was even picked up near the shelter, but again, no owner came to claim him. He is microchipped, but the chip was never registered. We, as well as the shelter, were unable to get any information from the chip company to help us look for his previous owner.

Indy has had all of his vaccinations, tested heartworm and fecal negative, and had a dental cleaning. Bless his heart, his mouth was a total mess! When the vet first examined him last week, one of his pre-molars was just hanging and came out easily. During his dental cleaning, another 2 teeth just about fell out, and he had about 10 more extracted. His blood work was good, with just a slight elevation in his white blood count most likely due to his nasty teeth. He is a little less than 20 pounds, is at least 10 years old, and is crate and house trained. His coat is in rough shape, and we thought he might be low thyroid but he isn't. Hopefully with time, a good quality dog food, and routine grooming, he will look better soon! He is looking for a forever home that will give this 'oldie but goodie' some quality time and much love in his senior years.